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This painting shows a young boy being surprised by his cat. It is a very painterly piece of work and more intuitive than most of my pieces. In many ways I agree with Christ`s insight that children are closer to God than adults, in that their hearts are more pliable and forgiving. They choose to see the best in those around them. I enjoyed the contrasts between the boy's smooth skin and rough walls and this was my first interbationally juried painting that was part of the Bermuda Biennial in 2002. It truly inspired my series of children talking alongside colourful Bermuda buildings.


Acrylic Finish


*Is there a custom size you would like? Send us a message!*


  • Giclee prints of Lisa's work wrapped and stretched around a wooden frame ready to hang. These prints are then embellished by the artist with either Texture Gel or Acrylic Paints (sometimes both). These prints do not fade. They are printed with museum quality inks. Each one is hand signed and limited edition out of 100.

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