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Lisa was approached by the IOD Sailing Class, who felt that she was the ideal candidate for this commisioned work. Both her meticulous rendering of local sailing vessels, combined with her ability to capture the form and dynamic movement of water, made her their first choice. Lisa-Anne enjoyed capturing the feeling of movement and windswept conditions, very different from her current pieces. Her love for using shadow and light to render form plays a key part in this work. 

These unique IOD racing vessels are captured as their race begins. The artist watched the race from a motor boat at close proximity.


Acrylic Finish

 *Is there a custom size you would like? Send us a message!

Starting Point

  • Giclee prints of Lisa's work wrapped and stretched around a wooden frame ready to hang. These prints are then embellished by the artist with either Texture Gel or Acrylic Paints (sometimes both). These prints do not fade. They are printed with museum quality inks. Each one is hand signed and limited edition out of 100.

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