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A street on the island of Burano, near Venice, which the artist visited. The buildings are somewhat similar to her island home. The amazing reflections of this piece,combined with the vibrant colors of the building, make it one of the artist's favorite works. This work is quite unique in that it is the artist's first painting outside of her Bermudian collection of images.

Afternoon Shadows in Burano

Matte-Board Border Colour
  • Canvas Gicee: 16 Archival Inks spray printed on canvas with a layer of varnish. Colours are rich and vibrant. This print will not fade. [These prints come with a Certificate of Auhenticity and are hand signed by the artist]


    Paper Lithograph: 3 Colours printed on paper via specially prepared block (uaually stone). Colours are not as vibrant. Avoid putting image anywhere that will be affected by sunlight.

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