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Lisa-Anne Rego’s Gallery Anniversary- Celebrating 10 Years!

The Lisa-Anne Rego Art Gallery just celebrated 10 years of success in the Clock Tower Mall, Dockyard with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the expanded gallery by CEO of America's Cup Mike Winfield.

With the 10 years comes a new space and a new adventure with the America's Cup and Lisa's Official Licensee. Her two paintings "Chase" and "Flight" give you two different and dynamic views of these amazing America's Cup vessels.

Her first painting, "Chase", was captured with an aerial perspective of the vessels racing upon Bermuda's aquamarine waters of the Great Sound with movement and power. With the wake created by the vessels and the 'chase boats' there is a great sense of speed.

Her second and newest painting, "Flight", is a gorgeous detailed eye level view of all the marked sails.

This new space has given Lisa and the gallery team the ability to display all of Lisa's collections together beautifully where they are able to compliment each other and show off her skills with shadow work and Colour! The space also helps to flow the AC paintings into her Bermuda Sailing collection.

Thanks to Sarah Toah, Chris Toah for their amazing AC cupcakes, Amy for playing the violin and my amazing gallery team. Thanks to all my friends, family and art followers and above all to God who has been so faithful!

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