• Lisa-Anne Rego

In The Works: J-Class Yachts!

This summer was filled with so much energy and excitement due to the America's Cup and my licensed art. However, at the end of this year I will have to say goodbye to my America's Cup paintings as they will never be able to be sold from the Gallery ever again.

While one door closes another opens! Using my love for vibrant colour and detailing I am excited to present to you my next piece, something new and a bit of challenge: the J-Class Yacht Regatta!

Not yet completed but almost there. I am hoping to have the painting finished by mid-November before I leave the island.

Like most of my work I start of with a sketch....

And then blocking in the colours...

I can't wait to show you all my completed work. I will keep posting updates on Facebook & Instagram.

#JClassYachts #AmericasCup #LocalArtist #VibrantColour #Sailing

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