February 13, 2018

I've been published in the March edition of London "Home & Garden" which went on sale February 1st! Incredibly exciting! My art will be in the magazine for 2 months total. It's always wonderful to share the beauty of Bermuda beyond my Island Home.

January 5, 2018

This sketch shows St George's town and harbour .There will be many dramatic shadows on rooftops....a sweeping panoramic. Hoping my best works will be created in 2018! I have already started another painting which you will see next week, featuring a beautiful home overl...

December 18, 2017

Exciting News! My original painting of the 6 J-Class Yachts has been framed and is now hanging in my gallery up Dockyard.

 Pints are now available in the store online and in gallery! Check them out here

This was truly an exciting addition to my work of art and makes a...